Curfew in India

Today was declared a People’s Curfew here in India.

From 7am this morning the streets were empty of people and vehicles and there was a hush in the air that most of the population has never experienced before.

At 5pm, or a minute or two earlier for the excited residents of our block, people came out onto their balconies and clapped and cheered, sounded gongs and blew trumpets for five minutes as a sign of solidarity with care workers and others who put themselves out for others.

The curfew continues until 9pm when people can get back to normal working. None of us knows how long this situation will go on and what further restrictions there will be.

We had managed to rebook a flight for 2nd April, but this has now been cancelled so we are just waiting to see when we can get seats again. As nowhere is open and vulnerable seniors have been told to stay at home we are eagerly waiting for the phone to ring with good news.

Sunder Nursery

Sixteenth century tomb surrounded by rose gardens.
Amazing wooden statue of Eve complete with serpent (Jeannette is giving some advice)
First use of new selfie stick!
Second use of selfie stick!
Really good carving on this piece but there was no information board.

These gardens are very new, we did post some pictures last year and the standard has been maintained. Many more flowers in bloom and apart from circling black kites there were smaller birds, butterflies and even a couple of small cormorants.

The American Diner

Burgers all round!

After our bracing walk round Lodi Gardens we all needed something substantial to eat.

Across the road from the gardens is the Indian Habitat Centre where Jeannette and I watched King Lear last year. There is also The American Diner, properly set out in the authentic American style.

We had been here but Akash had not and he wanted to know what all the fuss was about. He found out with a delicious burger and shake. Enjoyable for us all.

And so to lunch

A great group for lunch!
Yellow bird cocktail for Jeannette
Cocktails for all

The venue for lunch was Lavaash, an Armenian style menu owned by a well known chef from Calcutta.

The cocktail menu was amazing so we wanted to do it justice and ordered accordingly. The yellow bird that Jeannette had was gin, wine, tumeric and fennel, mine was dark rum, earl grey tea and fennel, called Black Diamond. They were all served in an amazing way.

The food was also well served with plenty of vine leaves and flat breads in evidence, all plates returned well mopped up! Great setting with good company and good food.

First day exploring

As tomorrow is a day off for Holi, the celebration of all the colours of Spring, Vimal, Beth and Akash took a cheeky extra day off.

So as not to waste the day Vimal and Akash went to the gym early and we followed at a much more civilised time, collecting them and their personal trainer, Kabir, and we went to Mehruli Archeological Park.

A large area with Lodi era tombs and other buildings including a couple of Baoli or step wells. Wide paths wander through extensive plantings of trees and flowering bushes, the sound of birdsong was very soothing and the sight of wild pigs with their young looked a bit incongruous.